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 Since its establishment, Ju You has realized that strong R&D and sound quality are major factors for a sustainable enterprise.We have also cooperated with external R&D institutes in recent years on joint developments of key components for enhanced product competitiveness. We dedicated ourselves in the pursuit of high quality products under a globally renowned brand name as a qualified supplier of bicycle parts. Led by an outstanding management team under the business philosophy for providing Professional Services, we constantly pursue for precision and perfection with a fearless enthusiasm for innovations that continuously drive us marching towards punctual deliveries, warranted quality, reasonable prices and enthusiastic provision of services.


icon The Stamping Technology:

Stamping is a process that uses a stamping machine with a tool and die to cut a part or all of a metal sheet, or to form it into a permanent deformation (or plastic deformation), so as to achieve the desired dimensions or shape (a stamping piece). The stamping process consists of 3 categories namely Punching (severing process), Forming and Press-fit.

A Punching Process depends on the energy of a press machine and necessary dies which sever the metal sheet to obtain a workpiece of desired dimensions and shape.

A Forming Process depends on the energy of a press machine and necessary dies which impose permanent or plastic deformation of a part or all of a metal sheet to obtain desired dimensions and shape. A Press-fit Process combines 2 or more parts into a component using a press machine and necessary dies (or jigs).

icon Service Items

Mold Design and Manufacture

We are specialized in mold (die) design and manufacture. We manufacture your product based on state-of-the-art expertise and knowhow in combination with superior Quality Control.

Product Design

Product Design is carried out addressing all the customer needs.

Manufacture of Stamping Products

In addition to Mold Design and Manufacture and Product Design, we also provide manufacturing of stamping products, with the expectation of offering you fast and sophisticated production lines with our quick and precise services lines.